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Marketing to Different Funnel Stages

Marketing to Different Funnel Stages

This definition of Marketing Funnel, which may seem simple, has many complexities. Funnels and how each user relates to them can also be understood as stages.

The most common funnels that companies use are sales funnels and marketing funnels. Both complement each other during the customer journey.

To begin with, how is a funnel structured?

The objective of the marketing funnel is to lead prospects to perform a specific sales transaction in order to convert them into interested customers or future customers.

There are three stages considered fundamental in a sales funnel:

  • Top of Funnel
  • Middle of Funnel
  • Bottom of Funnel

It is important for marketers to understand the common sales funnel so that marketing actions are in sync with the data being collected.

It is also important to know how the efforts made are impacting prospects in the sales funnel.

What happens after the conversion?

Once a lead has converted, the marketer’s job is not over. It is very important to support the sales team with marketing messages to convert that lead into a permanent customer.

You must have an execution plan that brings customers to your business. Do you already have one?

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